Math Help - Arithmetic Fun - Vertical Subtraction Report - Game Tips:

- This game includes a score report, and asks you to subtract two 2-digit numbers (from 11 to 99).
- If needed, remember to borrow 1 from the top of the left column to do the right column.

- It may take a minute to load the game at dial-up speeds.
- Press the - key repeatedly to slow the game down.
- The score report automatically appears after you have made 16 choices.
- The Math score is based on your choices only and does not count the bee hits.
- The Game score is reduced by the number of bee hits.
- If the game doesn't respond to keyboard input, click inside the game area to reset the game's focus.
- The game speeds up as your score increases. Adjust this with the - and + keys.
- Refresh/Reload the web page to start over again.

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