Treasure Hunt Probability Samples    Fun Monte Carlo Method Statistics     Game Tips:

- You have a first and second chance (guess) for each of the 15 treasure hunts.
   Your first choice will be indicated by a yellow bar.
   The computer always opens an empty chest after you make your first guess.
   Your second choice will be indicated by a green bar.

- Experiment with the chance of finding treasure by trying a single strategy for each complete game.
   For example, you might never change a first choice, always change a first choice, or sometimes change.

- Your Success Rate appears in a score report at the end of each game after completing 15 treasure hunts.
   The report includes a Change Rate to show how often a first choice was changed on the second guess.

- Finding the best strategy for your second guess may take practice. Repeat the game a few times.
   Hint:   Keep track of which Change Rates produce the best Success Rates.

- The method of collecting sample Change Rates to approximate the best probable Change Rate
   for success in this game is an example of a Monte Carlo Method.

- Refresh/Reload the webpage to start over again.

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