Algebra Help - Polynomial Types - Monomials Binomials Trinomials - Game Tips:

- Binomials have two terms and Trinomials have three terms.
- Monomials have a single term. Terms are separated by addition or subtraction signs.
- Factors are separated by multiplication or division.

- For example, in the binomial 4ab-3c, the first term has the 3 factors (4)(a)(b)
    and the second term has the 2 factors (3)(c).

- It may take a minute to load the game at dial-up speeds.
- The game can be played using the mouse by itself or using the keyboard by itself.
- If the game doesn't respond to keyboard input, click inside the game area to reset the game's focus.
- Adjust the game's speed by pressing the + or - key repeatedly.

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