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- A prepositional phrase can be formed from a preposition and a noun or pronoun.
    Here are four examples: of the members, before a game, of us, before sunset.

- As you can see from the following partial word list, there are many prepositions:
    at, by, of, to, for, in, on, up, down, with, without, about, into, toward,
    onto, from, until, during, before, after, inside, outside, near, past,
    through, below, since, beyond, beside, between ...

- The subject of a sentence is the word that names what the sentence is about.

- It is easier to find the subject and verb of a sentence if you delete prepositional phrases.
    Example: All of the geese flew over the lake.     Subject = all , Verb = flew .

- Refresh/Reload the web page to start over again.
- The game can be played using the mouse by itself or using the keyboard by itself.
- The score report automatically appears after you have made 10 choices.
- The Grammar score is based on your choices only and does not count the parrot hits.
- The Game score is reduced by the number of parrot hits.
- If the game doesn't respond to keyboard input,
    click inside the game area to reset the game's focus.

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