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- Most Adverbs modify verbs.   (to modify = to change)
  Example: The adverb 'loudly' modifies 'plays' in the sentence 'The band plays loudly'.

- Adjectives modify nouns or pronouns.
  Example: The adjective 'loud' modifies 'music' in the sentence 'The music is loud'.

- You can often form an adverb by adding 'ly' to an adjective.

- Grammar is the study of words and how they go together to make a language.

- Your Score Report appears after you have made 8 choices.
- Your Game Score is reduced by the number of parrot hits.

- To slow the game speed repeat tap/click on the word Slider.
- To increase the game speed repeat tap/click on the word Math.
- Speed can also be adjusted with a keyboard's - and + keys.

- Refresh/Reload the web page to restart the game.
- Adjust the sound level of media on your device.

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