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 Math Software
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Home School Math Education Lessons

This software is positive and constructive.
It reviews Math basics as well as teaching equations.
Students and tutors enjoy it. It's a sound educational tool.
It encourages you to keep going by guiding you through every step, as well as showing the final answer.
The built-in reward system is mathematical and educational.

Teachers and parents value SliderMath's tracking and monitoring features.
It's used in elementary schools, secondary schools and community colleges.

Program Features
  • Includes linear equations for school curriculum.
  • Fast and interactive without typing numbers.
  • Use it to diagnose what level of Math you're ready for.
  • Built-in instructional demo.
  • Excellent for home and school.
  • Based on 30 years of teaching Math in the classroom.

SliderMath can help teachers meet curriculum objectives when only 1 or 2 computers are available to students.

SliderMath ties into these curriculum objectives:

  • an ability to communicate,
  • to learn independently,
  • to develop confidence and competence,
  • to use technology effectively, and
  • to see fundamental ideas as part of a larger picture.

Teachers can choose 1 or 2 students from their class to prepare a few questions for the rest of the class. The chosen students can use entire questions from the SliderMath Equations software, as well as any part of the program's solutions, and copy the hints (methods and answers) onto paper. This is possible since the program waits at each step until the user chooses to move ahead. Students control when to go to new similar questions and when to go to the next higher level of questions. In this way, students independently research algebra topics which they can share with their classmates.

When the chosen students present their questions as an exercise for the rest of the class, they get practice in communication skills and develop confidence in their mathematical abilities. By the gradual rotation of students (at 1 or 2 computers), all students can take their turn at being responsible for leading and presenting math exercises.

The following sample exercises are based on partial sections of SliderMath solutions which fit specific curriculum topics.

- Students can focus on estimation and rounding decimals to one decimal place by using the final 2 solution steps in SliderMath Equations levels 5,6 and 10. Examples: Find the value of "x" rounded to one decimal place given a) 2x=3 b) 6=4x c) 44x=27.

- Students can focus on integers, order of operations, and the use of brackets by using the first 2 solution steps of SliderMath Equations levels 9 and 10. Examples: Simplify the expressions a) 8+2x-3 b) 16x-40-9x c) 4(7x+5) d) 9-3(2x-7).

In order to meet the curriculum expectation solving equations, students should practice the complete solution methods found in SliderMath Equations.

How does SliderMath fit your Curriculum?

Patterning and Algebra. -determine the value of a missing factor in equations involving multiplication = SliderMath Levels 1,2

Patterning and Algebra. -determine the value of a missing term or factor = SliderMath Levels 1,2
Number Sense and Numeration. -estimation, rounding decimals = SliderMath Levels 1,2

Patterning and Algebra. -solve simple algebraic equations of the form ax=c and ax+b=c using whole numbers, interpret a variable = SliderMath Levels 1,2,3,4
Number Sense and Numeration. -estimation, decimals, integer operations = SliderMath Levels 1,2,3,4

Patterning and Algebra. -solve first degree equations with one variable = SliderMath Levels 1 to 8
Number Sense and Numeration. -division of integers, order of operations with brackets = SliderMath Levels 1 to 10

Number Sense and Algebra. -solve first degree equations, perform operations with polynomials including brackets, multiply by a monomial, expand and simplify polynomials
-numerical skills including estimation, operations with integers and rational numbers (fractions and decimals)
= SliderMath Levels 1 to 10
-solve equations with fractional coefficients
= SliderMath Level 11

The SliderMath Equations BoardGame.


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