How much does your car really cost to drive?

1) Select the amount you paid for your car when you bought it (including taxes): $
2) Select the value of your car if you were to sell it : $
3) Estimate the total cost of your car's insurance during your time of ownership: $
4) Estimate the total cost of license plates while owning your car: $
5) Estimate the amount spent on car maintenance and repairs during ownership: $
6) Select the total number of kilometres you've driven your car while owning it:
7) Estimate the dollar price you pay for fuel to travel 100 kilometres with your car: $
  At $1.00 per litre, a compact car could use $8. of fuel to go 100 km whereas a full size vehicle might use $12. of fuel.

8) To see the average cost to drive your car click here.

The above estimates do not include custom extras, parking or storage.


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